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Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

125-135 Cm


Circus aeruginosus

Latin Name:

48-56 Cm


4–5 or 3-8 sometimes

Number of eggs:

400-800 gram


31-38 days


About 16 years


35-40 days



Adult (male): narrow wings, long pale blue gray tail, wing tips set off black, head and breast pale yellowish-white, brown belly, upper wing-coverts chestnut.

Adult (female): crown, throat and forewing dark brown with creamy white. Pale patch on breast. Red brown tail and pale brown coverts.

Latin Name : Circus aeruginosus 
Iranian Name : سنقر تالابی 
Azeri Name : -Bataqlıq Belibağlısı 
Russian Name : Болотный или Камышовый лунь  
Turkmen Name : - Batga ýa-da gamyş gulatysy (Болотный или камышовый лунь)  
Kazakh Name : Саз немесе Қамыс құладыны / Болотный или Камышовый лунь 

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